Visitor’s Experience Simulator


NDA & Signature


Let your visitor sign a simple visitors agreement to secure your business or properties.

Visitor Badge


You can allow QR code for the visitor’s badge for quick Signin/ Signout.

QR Code


With your company logo and info, create awesome visitors photo id badge.

Employee Directory


Manage, Upload your employee directory to let your visitors find them easily from Kiosk.

Analytics & Reporting


See How many visitors you have daily, weekly, monthly, returning visitors etc.

Easy Printer Setup


Our System is ready to connect wirelessly badge printer


Android and iOS

Signin+ is available for Android & iPad - gives you the flexibility to chose any device of your choice


multiple kiosks

Have one or multiple kiosk for one or multiple locations all connected in single company.


more features

We have more features, we couldn’t fit in here. Contact us to learn more how it works.

We would to hear from you.